5 Places to Hang Inspirational Canvas Art & Why

Art is something that everyone can enjoy, even if they don’t enjoy the same form of art. Inspirational canvas art is unique in that it has something for everybody. But where should you hang those pieces you picked up? What place would best showcase your newest artwork? Read on to find out our suggestions, as well as learn why we chose them.

Inspirational canvas art

1: The Office

If you need inspiration anywhere, it’s at the office or your place of business. When the work day seems to drag on forever, and five o’clock just can’t come fast enough, an inspirational art piece can help remind you why you’re working so hard in the first place.

2: The Wall in Front of Your Bed

If you place a piece of inspiration on the wall in front of your bed, you’re forced to look at it every morning when you wake up. This serves as a reminder as to why you’re dragging yourself out of bed, even on those days you don’t want to. Every night you can end your day by looking at it as well, which can be particularly helpful after a difficult day.

3: Your Foyer or Entrance

By placing an inspirational canvas art in your foyer or home’s entrance, you get to look at it first thing when you come in the door. Not only that, but every guest who enters your home will also be able to appreciate it. Perhaps they will leave with some extra inspiration and motivation themselves.

4: The Bathroom

People spend a lot more time in the bathroom than they tend to realize. Hanging an inspirational piece of art up in this room allows for every member of the family to fully appreciate it. Most guests will also see it. Not to mention it can be something to read over if you forget your phone.

5: Your Living Room

It’s called the living room for a reason – it is the most lived in and used room in your home. If you want your art to be seen, this room will garner it the most viewing time. Try placing it in a well-lit space that isn’t blocked by large pieces of furniture. This way, when you are spending time with your loved ones or relaxing on a lazy day, you can look up and enjoy the inspirational message you’ve chosen.