10 Reasons to Smoke Marijuana

It’s been controversial since the beginning of time but now, cannabis is getting a bigger, better name thanks to improved research that shows us that maybe marijuana isn’t as bad as we once suspected. Lighten up a bit and let the herb hit your soul. There are so many reasons to smoke the herb and we have ten of the biggest reasons listed here.

1.    You cannot knock it until you try it. If you haven’t experienced what those who indulge have, how can you speak negatively? One time is all that it takes to realize what you’ve been missing out on for so long already.

2.    There are tons of ways to smoke. You can roll a joint, find vaporizers for sale to use, smoke from a pipe, and more.  It is fun to pick out vaporizers for sale, as a bonus. They come in assorted colors and designs for your pleasure. You can even indulge in edibles or drinks if you prefer.

3.    The American Cancer Society reports that marijuana may stop the growth of certain types of cancer. This includes colon cancer and skin cancers.

4.    Marijuana is approved to treat many medical conditions, including pain associated with MS and cancer, glaucoma, diabetes, Lupus, HIV/AIDS, anxiety, and many others.

5.    Life’s better when you’ve indulged in the smoke. You’re more creative, more relaxed, and so much more fun.

6.    Smoking marijuana is a great way to meet new friends and socialize. The number of friendships that marijuana has created is phenomenal. Why not meet some cool new stoner buddies?

7.    Smoking cannabis is safer than consuming alcohol or using tobacco products and research backs this statement! If you want to have fun without risking your health, marijuana it is!

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8.    Marijuana is the perfect solution for people who lack appetite. There are many reasons for this problem. If you want to gain weight, marijuana will send you straight into the kitchen.

9.    Everyone else is doing it; shouldn’t you? Although marijuana is taboo, there are many celebrities who indulge and who support cannabis, including Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, Jon Stewart, and many others.

10.  It is a God-given plant that was meant for human consumption. God giveth the plant; we partaketh of the plant. In God we trust.

Published by Shawn